Water Reuse Europe: The industry association for the water reuse sector

Water reuse is playing an increasingly important role in the pursuit of sustainable water resources management and there is strong growth in industrial, agricultural, and municipal reuse schemes across Europe.

Water Reuse Europe (WRE) is the trade association for organisations involved in the European water reuse sector. WRE’s mission is to create a collective identity for the European water reuse sector and promote an innovative and dynamic water reuse industry. Our specific objectives are:

  • to raise public awareness and understanding of water reuse practices;
  • to facilitate knowledge exchange amongst public and private entities involved in water reuse;
  • to promote European expertise and services in water reuse to a global audience;
  • to support European companies (particularly SMEs) in their efforts to commercialise water reuse solutions;
  • to promote research and innovation on water reuse.

Our website will be launched later this year and will contain:

  • General information on how and why water is recycled and reused?
  • Announcements for coming events on water reuse, including conferences and workshops;
  • Latest news on research and innovation, including access to publications and research papers in the area;
  • Industry news, including latest project developments in Europe.

Water Reuse Europe will provide stimulating opportunities for knowledge exchange, advocacy, and education and we welcome membership applications from companies and organisations active in the European water reuse field. Whether you are in the private or public sector, large or small, client or provider, do please consider joining this exciting initiative. Member benefits include discounts for attendance at WRE and other events, opportunities to shape our advocacy initiatives, exposure on the WRE website, as well as access to:

  • Our members directory;
  • The WRE database of existing water reuse schemes
  • Information on water reuse tools and techniques;
  • WRE’s publications library;
  • Discussion forums.

For more information on WRE and membership, please contact: info@water-reuse.eu.

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Water Reuse Europe has been set up with the help of the European Commission through the EC funded DEMOWARE project.