Membership categories

Water Reuse Europe is the trade association for organisations involved in the European water reuse sector.

We welcome membership applications from companies and organisations active in the European water reuse field in order to create a collective identity for the European water reuse sector and promote an innovative and dynamic water reuse industry.

The different categories of membership that WRE offers are:

  • C1 Commercial companies involved in the water reuse sector (e.g. water services companies, equipment providers, consultancies, etc.).
  • C2 Public bodies involved in water reuse (e.g. regulators, publicly owned water supply bodies);
  • C3 Universities / Research Centres;
  • C4 Trade & professional associations (local, national, international);

Information about the benefits of membership can be found here.

Membership fees for each of the above categories are provided in the table below:

2017- 2018 Membership categories and fees *
Category Organisation/Company profile Fees per annum
C1 Commercial companies involved in the water reuse sector.
  a - Turnover below €1m. €600
  b - Turnover between €1m and €6m €1,200
  c - Turnover between €6m and€12m €2,400
  d- Turnover above €12m €4,800
C2 Public bodies involved in the water reuse sector. €600
C3 Universities, Research centres €600
C4 Trade / professional associations €185

* Membership fees are set by the WRE board of directors. As stated in the Articles of Association, the directors reserve the right to modify the membership fees at anytime, but any change will be clearly announced on the Association’s website.

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Water Reuse Europe has been set up with support from the European Commission through the DEMOWARE research project.